Digitization is our passion. Behind DIGITALDRINK stands a competent and experienced team. As a digitization pioneer from the very beginning, we offer mature solutions that facilitate business processes in the beverage industry. With the help of DIGITALDRINK you keep an eye on your markets.

DIGITALDRINK makes sense

We are taking the lead in the digital transformation of the Swiss beverage industry. We identify and validate digital opportunities for the beverage industry and continuously develop the platform. Our mission is to provide information and services to all stakeholders to help them develop their businesses. More than 110 beverage wholesalers and well-known beverage producers have already registered on our platform.


Your data is absolutely safe with us. The protection and availability of your data is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why DIGITALDRINK relies on best practices when it comes to security – at all levels of the company, including employees, technology and operations.

Both DIGITALDRINK and the participating manufacturers and wholesalers undertake to comply with the applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data and data security (in particular Swiss data protection). Thus, the necessary measures must be taken to protect and secure the data and the data must be treated with absolute confidentiality.


  • Stefan Gloor


  • Pascal Homberger


  • Jonas Zumkehr


  • Nicole Schäuble

    Head of Data Management

  • Dalida Covre

    Head of Customer Service & Administration

  • Cristina Service

    Head of Marketing & Communication

Board of Directors

Stefan Gloor SwissDrink (President)
Adrian Schürmann Schüwo Drinking Culture
Yan Amstein Amstein SA
Dani Lieb
DLC Consulting
Stefan Zwyssig
Zweifel Weine & Getränke AG
Peter Müller, Nevefutura AG
Alain Jenny, Theo Rietschi AG


Solution for your needs

DIGITALDRINK simplifies the work processes between manufacturers and wholesalers and ensures a smooth exchange. As a proven data hub, we provide you with all market-relevant data.